Wonderland of the Antipodes

“One little pickle of a fellow, with bright black eyes, who had quite overcome his terror, amused himself by creeping up behind the others, and frightening them by shouting in their ear, “ Nui pakeha, nui pakeha” (the big white man, the big white man is coming!) — meaning me; at which they would burst into tears, and run like rabbits from the sup­posed cannibal—your humble servant.”

Wonderland of the Antipodes and other sketches of Travel in the North Island of New Zealand by J. Ernest Tinne was published in 1873. He was astonished by the beauty of the island and during many trips by foot, canoe and horseback he visited the North Island many times. The descriptions are personal and it is clear that Ernest respected the natives and was very interested in geology, anthropology, botanics and the Maori way of life.

Download the free PDF e-book here (160 pages/8 MB):

 Wonderland of the Antipodes

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