Travel in South Africa by O. Zachariah

Travel in South Africa by O. Zachariah was published in 1926. Zachariah was very enthusiastic about South Africa and especially the modern means of transport that makes it easy to travel far and fast by train. During a few months, he visited the entire country, and in this book, he praises what he saw.  He writes about everything from politics, history, and people to more poetic descriptions of the landscapes and views. From the book:

“As the steamer approaches Table Bay, and the mountains, which rise sheer from the sea, are seen in more detail, the scene is one to hold the attention. Foremost is Table Mountain, its summit sometimes further beautified by the familiar cloth of cloud. Surrounding ranges extend as far as the eye can see. And at the base of Table Mountain is Capetown.”

Zachariah was not the least keen of the food on the steamer back and forth from England. The book includes a typical dinner menu en-route:

Dinner on the steamer

He writes: “In the evenings there are concerts and dances, and the ship’s orchestra also enlivens the proceed-
ings. Travel to, and in, South Africa is no longer a hardship, it has become a pleasure.”

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 Travel in South Africa PDF

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