The Travels of Marco Polo the Venetian

Marco Polo is probably one of the best-known explorers of all time. He was born in the year 1254 in Venice and joined his father’s trade business. In the company with his father Niccolò and uncle, Maffeo, Marco initiated a great journey along the Silk Road in 1271.

Finally, the delegation reached their destination and met the great Kublai Khan himself. The journey was never meant to last more than a few years, but extended into a 25-year long adventure, where Marco became a trusted advisor and servant to the Khan.

Marco Polo was the first Westerner to visit the far East. He described in detail the intricate workings of mighty China and traveled far and wide as a trusted envoy of the Khan. Amongst many other places, he visited and described Burma, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The Travels of Marco Polo the Venetian tells the complete story of Marco Polos life, his meeting with the eastern cultures – and how he succeeded in returning home at last.

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The Travels of Marco Polo

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