The First Crossing of Greenland

Men have tried to cross Greenland since the Middle Ages. But the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen finally succeeded in 1888 by traversing the island on cross-country skis.

This book is one of the best stories about polar exploration, and it is beautifully illustrated with maps, drawings, and photos all the way through.

Internationally, Nansen is known as the father of modern polar exploration and for reaching a record Northern latitude during his “Fram”-expedition (1893-96). But while crossing Greenland for the first time, he tried out many of his techniques for real. At the same time, he completed the first major goal of Polar exploration.

His innovations and ideas were widely used by many later Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. During his life, Fridtjof Nansen took many roles upon himself; as explorer, scientist, diplomat, and humanitarian. In 1922, Nansen was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Download the entire book (460 pages / 24,9 MB) here:

 The First Crossing of Greenland

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