The Amateur Tramp – The man who walked around a continent

The Amateur Tramp – A Walk of Ten Thousand Miles Around Australia. Thousands of people have climbed the highest peaks of the Himalayas. Hundreds have visited all nations on UN’s list and 12 made it all the way to the moon. But this guy..!

In 1921, Aidan de Brune packed his backpack and walked around the entire continent of Australia by the coastline. We are (almost) sure he is the only person who ever did that. Even more impressive, he did it all alone and without assistance.

The amazing adventure was documented by himself along the way as he wrote articles about it for the Australian newspaper Daily Mail along the route.

The Man who walked around Australia free PDF
The route around Australia

The walk took about two and a half year, and the accomplishment made Aidan de Brune famous. This book about the walk is written by Colin Choat, who kindly allowed us to post the book here.

Download ‘The Amateur Tramp’ here:

The Amateur Tramp

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