The First Crossing of Greenland

Men have tried to cross Greenland since the Middle Ages. But the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen finally succeeded in 1888 by traversing the island on cross-country skis. This book is one of the best stories about polar exploration, and it is beautifully … Read more and download PDF

The Travels of Marco Polo the Venetian

Marco Polo is probably one of the best-known explorers of all time. He was born in the year 1254 in Venice and joined his father’s trade business. In the company with his father Niccolò and uncle, Maffeo, Marco initiated a great journey … Read more and download PDF

Mount Everest, the Reconnaissance, 1921

Mount Everest, the Reconnaissance, 1921

Why risk your life climbing the world’s highest peak? “Because it’s there!” Climber and WW1-veteran George Mallory coined the iconic explanation, and Mount Everest, the Reconnaissance is the epic recount of the 1921-expedition where he participated along with A. F. R. Wollaston … Read more and download PDF

Wonderland of the Antipodes

“One little pickle of a fellow, with bright black eyes, who had quite overcome his terror, amused himself by creeping up behind the others, and frightening them by shouting in their ear, “ Nui pakeha, nui pakeha” (the big white … Read more and download PDF

Walden – Life in the Woods

Walden; or, Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau is possibly the most famous, beloved, and influential book about living in and close to nature. Which is what Thoreau did for two years, two months, and two days (1845-1847). From … Read more and download PDF