Riddles of the Gobi Desert

Riddles of the Gobi Desert by Swedish explorer Sven Hedin. Sven Hedin’s fourth expedition from 1927 and 1935 to Asia led him to Mongolia, the Gobi Desert and Xinjiang. The goal was to map the areas, search for remains of ancient sites and to conduct meteorological research. Hedin’s mapping leter led to the construction of chinese roads to some of the isolated and mountainous areas. The expeditions took place in disputed areas and Hedin was attacked by villains and arrested by the Chinese General Ma Zhongying. When he was released he went to Beijing to meet with President Lin Sen.

The long travel was expensive and left Hedin in a difficult financial situation. After his return to Europe, he held 111 lectures in 91 German cities as well as 19 lectures in other countries. He met Adolf Hitler in Berlin before his lecture there on 14 April 1935.

Download the free PDF e-book here (422 pages/26MB):

 Riddles of the Gobi Desert

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