Journey To Iceland

Journey to Iceland with the subtitle – And Travels in Sweden and Norway was published in English in 1852. The Author is the amazing female explorer Ida Laura Pfeiffer, born in Austria. She was maybe the first female explorer and she was quite famous for her travel books, describing amazing expeditions to Southeast Asia, the Americas, Middle East, and Africa. She travelled around the world twice alone. This book is interesting to me because it is one of a very few old travel books that describe my own backyard, the Nordic and Scandinavian countries. She describes Denmark as a country that cares of the poor, no beggars in the streets as seen in every other Europen capital. Fun fact: Pfeiffer is referenced as “Madam Pfeiffer” in Thoreau’s book, Walden.

Download the Public Domain PDF e-book, Journey to Iceland here (376 pages/17MB):

 Journey to Iceland

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