Innermost Asia: Travel & Sport In The Pamirs

“Although I cannot say I really enjoyed my trip, I am glad that I made it, as, apart from the fact that I got my tiger, the country is practically unknown, and the Kirghiz of the district form an interesting study. It is, besides, always refreshing to find oneself in a part of the world where Europeans are still a novelty, and where civilization has not penetrated. To sportsmen who may think of visiting the country I would say, take plenty of warm clothes and buy what ponies you require in Vierny before starting.”

In Innermost Asia: Travel & Sport In The Pamirs, the author Ralph Patteson Cobbold got his tiger after a few attempts. Although he does complains that there were not quite enough of them to ensure really great fun.

Asone of the very first Europeans, Cobbold traversed great distances in Central Asia in the late century when traveling was quite dangerous and sometimes potentially life-threatening.

And although Cobbold sometimes does come across as a bit arrogant, he goes to great lengths to be as fair in his description of locals – and local authorities – as an Englishman from the late part of the Victorian age can expect to be. He also gives an accurate description of the landscape, its people and of his strenuous journey – and even gets a bit involved in the power struggle between Russians, the Chinese, and local lords.

Furthermore, the book is richly illustrated with detailed maps and many photographs.

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Innermost Asia

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