Impressions of Indian Travel

Impressions of Indian Travel was written by the British orientalist Oscar Browne and published in 1903 after his travels in India. He visited large parts of Northern India and traveled by train and boat and this book is based on his notes. Most interesting is his descriptions of meetings with remarkable people such as tibetans in Darjeeling, maharajas, the explorer Svend Hedin, Bhutans, holy men by the river of Ganges and daily life in India in general. Oscar Browne was however British to the bone and much of his notes are affected by his colonial viewpoints. Just skip his political comments and enjoy the book for it’s thorough and loving description of an India that no longer exists. From the book:

It is difficult to imagine a machinery by which the government of India might be transferred, even partially, to the hands of the Indian people. If that is impossible, and the Congress has not discovered a manner in which it might be introduced, we are thrown back upon the personal government of the Viceroy, advised by his Council and controlled by the India Office.

Download the free PDF e-book here (228 pages/3.5MB):

Impressions of Indian Travel


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