Hiram Bingham III: Across South America

Many people believe that the (re)discoverer of Machu Picchu, Hiram Bingham III was the real-world model for Indiana Jones – and whether or not that is true, well, who knows?

Actually, Bingham was not an archeologist by training. But he was a seasoned traveler and well acquainted with South America, when he by equal measure chance and stubbornness stumbled upon the ruins of the famous Inca city in 1911.

He had, in fact, traveled the continent of South America extensively in the years before. His travels resulted in this book “Across South America – An Account of a Journey From Buenos Aires to Lima By Way of Potosi.”

It’s a really great book, well written and illustrated with many of the photos taken during the journey.

Download it here for free (486 pages / 21 MB):

Across South America by Hiram Bingham III

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