An important note on the content of books at Greatest Adventurers

It is important to bear in mind, that we at Greatest Adventurers do not necessarily condone the actions described in the books on this site, nor do we necessarily agree with all statements or observations made in the books we choose to publish.

Most of the books on this site must be perceived as historical documents written in another time – some even several hundreds of years ago – and on the basis of values that were not, regrettably as it might be, necessarily compatible with prevailing values in modern societies and democracies.

Therefore, some accounts describe treatment – or include observations and depictions – of indigenous people, social constructs, hunting methods, and more that would be considered unacceptable or immoral today.


Regarding copyrights

All books published at Greatest Adventurers are, to the best of our knowledge, in the Public Domain, but mistakes can happen. If you become aware of copyright-infringements on our site, please let us know – thank you :).