Best Railway Stories edited by L. T. C. Rolt

Best Railway Stories edited by L. T. C. Rolt. Heres a goodie for adventurous boys and girls at all ages. Dramatic stories from the heydays of railroads. This fascinating collection of stories captures its essence superbly and is as colourful, as lively, and as varied as the railways themselves. Death, mystery and disaster rise through the steam of the stories by – to name a handful – Dickens, Conan Doyle, Freeman Wills Croft and Robert Aickman and comedy, politics and fanaticism rattle through those by ‘Q’, Raymond Williams and Doug Welch.
L. T. C. Rolt- and there is no one better qualified to do so-has put together an anthology to keep the traveller awake from Euston to Inverness, or a man from his own pillow far into the night.

Download Best Railway Stories here (10,2 MB/254 pages):

Best Railway Stories

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